ITZ Publishing Announces Partnership with Gauss Media Services to Provide Digital Expertise and Tools for Small Businesses

PORTLAND, OR — The digital media and sales strategists at ITZ Publishing announce a partnership with media tool developer Gauss Media Services to provide online sales expertise, training, technology tools and support to local media clients worldwide. The alliance enhances ITZ’ consultation services in online revenue generation with a slate of best of breed technology tools and support for their media clients’ small business customers.

Tools the ITZ and Gauss alliance are rolling out include the ITZ Identity Suite for local businesses. The Identity Suite combines a reputation intelligence engine that monitors small business owners’ online presence in directories and on social media sites with a support staff who raise businesses’ visibility and fix errors surfaced with the system’s automated tools.  The ITZ/Gauss products combine enterprise-scaled automated systems with a U.S.-based customer service staff lead by Gauss associate Hillary Rackliff. The Identity Suite also includes a mobile micro-site development tool that’s simple and affordable for small businesses.

“We have a lot of experience in cultivating cultural change, managing complex project introductions, executing marketing campaigns, creating effective sales packages, coaching sales managers and providing sales training,” says Greg Swanson, CEO of ITZ, which for nearly a decade has developed an international reputation for helping media clients integrate new products. “Now we’re taking this experience, combining it with tools from Gauss Media, and creating a turnkey revenue acceleration program for publishers. Adding Gauss Media’s exceptional backend tools and full-time support team makes this a best-of-both-worlds offering.”

Gauss has contributed to national products including Planet Discover and, local site launches including and, and founded three growing local-focused brands, LocalHabit, GaussMedia’s RepShield and Sociality. “I spent 15 years in the newspaper industry, and many years incorporating search technology in product development, “says Stanley Gauss, CEO of Gauss Media, “and all of my current projects have a common theme, that of combining search technology in social media product development. I love developing the tools. I am delighted to have ITZ as a partner in assisting publishers deliver these tools to local businesses and consumers.”

ITZ and Gauss will be constantly scanning the development horizon for new tools and services to roll out in the months ahead. “Most publishers — like their business- owner clients — have little time to be figuring out the next thing coming down the pike, whether they need it and how to use it,” says Swanson. “We’re here to make that part of their lives simpler.” 800.647.6917 609-903-1752


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