A successful digital marketing solution embraces a number of complementary products that represent an opportunity to build long-term, high-margin and recurring revenues and enable publishers to amortize direct sales costs over many years. We offer the key components for a full-service SMB suite.

Analytic tools

Borrell Associates Research on local business spending patterns

Pulse Research on consumer purchasing patterns

ITZ research on media consumption patterns

Sales tools

ITZAdSeller research-powered sales presentation builder.

Impact Engine ad creation and analytic tool

Programmatic display

Targeted email programs

Digital presence tools

ITZ Identity Suite-a reputation intelligence/management system

Mobile content platforms, site builders, and social/commerce systems

Responsive websites and landing pages


Enterprise level social media tools

Social Switchboard trigger-based social campaign tool

Web Apps, contests, promotions, sweepstakes and modules that increase engagement and provide the building blocks of compelling social designs.

The challenge

For our media partners, the implementation of a successful SMB marketing program depends on careful planning and execution in two crucial areas.

Products. We help publishers select best of breed partners and integrate systems to produce easy-to-sell and easy-to-fulfill solutions.

Process. Beyond product selection and integration, we help management and staff become well versed in the rationale and uses of each of the products in the SMB suite.

We bring years of experience to media clients in cultivating cultural change, managing complex project introductions, executing marketing campaigns, creating effective sales packages, coaching sales managers and providing sales training.



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